Information Society

The Management Body of Pamvotis Lake from 2004 to 2006 through the programme “Information Society” of Epirus Peripheral Programme (2000-2006) carried out the project entitled “Development and implementation of intelligent telematics system for the protection – management and enhancement of the Pamvotis Lake’s hydrological ecosystem” in order to contribute to the management of Pamvotis Lake’s ecosystem. It provided stable and long-term monitoring of the lake’s physical and chemical parameters, as well as of the species and habitats.

The project was the trigger of the know-how transfer in terms of the environmental management as well as of the expansion and improvement of similar applications.

Briefly the objectives of the project included:

  1. Development of GIS system for the Pamvotis Lake’s hydrological area.
  2. Establishment of telemetric monitoring stations in four selected locations.
  3. Development of a database, which was collecting information from the GIS system and the telemetric stations.
  4. Development of an intelligent monitoring system for the measurements.
  5. Development of internet portal / Internet Corners.
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