The protected area

Six NATURA areas are found in the wider area that Manament Body of Pamvotis Lake.

The Management Body

The establishment of the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis (M.B.L.P.), was based on the laws 1650/86 & 3044/99 and was constituted in January, 2003. The Board of Directors consists of 9 members, according to the Common Ministerial Decision (135074/5193 / Official Government Gazette no. 1531 – 9/12/2002). It is a private for public benefit organization governed by public law, supervised by the Minister of Environment.

The purpose of the M.B.L.P. is to preserve the ecosystem, to restore and maintain the ecological balance of Pamvotis Lake and to promote human and economic activities under the principles of sustainability. The combination of nature’s conservation with the support of development activities is the aim and at the same times the challenge for the Management Body. The contribution of the local community is essential and crucial to the success of this goal.


Flora & Fauna

The Flora and the Fauna at Lake Pamvotida.



Pamvotida & Man

Please visit the page: Lake and Man


The habitats

The habitats of Lake Pamvotis: Habitat Types

Management Body of Lake Pamvotis

On this website, you will find information about the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis (M.B.L.P.) and its jurisdiction area, which includes almost the entire basin of Ioannina. The Management Body of Lake Pamvotis was set up in 2003. Its purpose is to protect the lake’s ecosystem and to secure the ecological balance, while developing activities concerning the protection of the nature and the landscape. It is a private for public benefit organization governed by public law and is supervised by the Minister of the Environment.

Pamvotis Lake of Ioannina is one of the oldest lakes worldwide and the second oldest at European level, following Lake Ohrid (aged approximately about 7 million years). It is a sensitive ecosystem, which belongs to the European network of protected areas, NATURA 2000, because of the important habitats and the rare species of both flora and fauna living in the area.

Key facts & figures

  • is located at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli
  • area: 22 km2 of the catchment area of ​​the basin
  • average depth: 4.5m. (shallow lake)
  • maximum depth: 8 m.
  • age ~7.000.000 yrs

News, Announcemetns & Press

Contact us

For any information or communication need you can call us using the following page:


Actions & Activities

The Management Body of Lake Pamvotis supports a number of actions and activities: Among other things, it implements national and European programs, provides security in the protected area, contributes to informing and raising public awareness, prepares studies & opinions, presents publications related to the Protected Area, etc. .

Management Body Infrastructures

The infrastructures are include:

  • Lake Pamvotis ecosystem interpretation park
  • Pamvotis Information Center, located at the Island of Lake Pamvotis

Lake Pamvotis and Ioannina city as a destination

Here you will find information about the near-by city of Ioannina, as well as information related to the lake as a tourist destination.

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