The Operational Program “Environment” (EPPER) was one of the 24 programs of the Third Community Support Framework (2000-2006) for Greece and was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

It was the main source of funds for the Management Body of Pamvotis Lake from 2003 until 2009.

During this period, the Management Body has implemented the following sub-projects within the approved programme under the title: “OPERATION OF THE MANAGEMENT BODY AND OF THE PROTECTED AREA OF PAMVOTIS LAKE”.

  1. Start-up of the operation of the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis
  2. Procurement of a Car
  3. Procurement of a Boat
  4. Safeguarding and surveillance of the protected area
  5. Setting up of information signs, construction of guard kiosks, and development of habitats’ landscape
  6. Initial environmental information and awareness activities
  7. Promotion activities – Lake Festival

More specifically, the objectives of the above project were a) the launch of the operation of the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis, so it becomes capable and functional in achieving its purpose b) actions concerning surveillance, monitoring and guarding of the protected area, so there is continuous surveillance of the area in order to prevent any non-compliant and illegal activities c) public awareness and educational activities regarding the ecological value of Pamvotis Lake.

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