Headquarters of the Managing Body of Lake Pamvotis

Contact info:

4th km of the National Road Ioannina-Trikala
Postal code: GR-45445, Perama, Ioannina (old town hall of Perama)

Tel. +30 26510.21834
Fax +30 26510.31867


Pamvotis Information Center (Island of Ioannina)

The Information Center of Lake Pamvotis is located on the Island of Ioannina, in a traditional stone-made building donated to the Management Body by the Holy Diocese of Ioannina. A characteristic element of the surrounding landscape is Lake Pamvotida and its sourrounding flora. The Information Center was recently completed. It will be a modern information pole for the environment of Lake Pamvotida and will continue to contribute to the protection and promotion of the Protected Area.

The exhibition of the Information Center is the central part of the interpretation of the Environment and is framed by alternative activities, so that the visitor has the opportunity to choose and enjoy his visit to the area. It is addressed to teachers, students of all levels, ecotourists, organized groups of visitors, local agencies, the local population, entrepreneurs involved in the development of alternative forms of tourism and individual visitors.

The exhibits include sections on protected areas and our natural heritage, the evolution of Pamvotida, the lake today, its flora and fauna, its relationship with humans, its management, the promotion of fisheries, fishing gear and fishing equipment traditionally used in the lake and much more. The center is also equipped with appropriate audiovisual equipment to support the activities.

The purpose of the design of the surrounding area of ​​the museum was the harmonious integration of the traditional building in the surrounding landscape and the creation of a suitable space that meets the needs of visitors. The design proposal takes into account the ecology of the area and shows respect for its character. Natural materials were selected, such as gravel, stone, wood, rocks, plants for both parts of the environment to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere to the user and to give a sense of peace and tranquility.

For the planning of your visit (schools, clubs, universities, etc.) you can contact the telephone numbers of the Managing Body of Lake Pamvotis. We are at your disposal for further clarifications and information.

Lake Pamvotis ecosystem interpretation park

The ecosystem interpretation park of Lake Pamvotis, with a total area of ​​4.5 acres, is located on the lakeside road (Laspotopos area). After a short pilot operation, it was inaugurated on 5/6/2010 as part of events for the World Environment Day. Since then it has welcomed many schools from Ioannina and outside Ioannina and several individual visitors. It has also hosted information-awareness activities, in collaboration with environmental organizations. This park may have a small area, but it is very important as it is the first environmental park implemented in Ioannina.

In detail:

• It presents a more “friendly” development model of the lakeside area, which contributes to the protection of the lake ecosystem but also to sustainable development.
• Contributes to the improvement of the living standard of the citizens by providing a “green” space of great aesthetic and functional value.
• It is an image of F.D. to the local community

The park is offered to get to know and be better informed about the Protected Area and the ecosystem of Lake Pamvotida. It is also suitable for educational activities, mild recreation, walks, bird watching and landscape appreciation. It includes a perimeter zone that is the main route of identification and interpretation of the ecosystem. In this zone there are areas with various issues that constitute the individual units of environmental recognition (general data on the lake, ecosystem, water cycle, flora, fauna, birds, lake and man, etc.). In some areas of the route (with the help of wooden paths) it is possible to access outside the main route to the center of the park or to the lake. In addition there is a reception area, guard house, wooden observation deck at the border of the plot with the lake and a visitor kiosk.

The design was based on the principles of ecological design, which preserves the existing terrain and vegetation that is in good condition and uses only natural materials such as wood, gravel, stone, plants.

The selection of plant species that frame the park was based on:

• Their characteristics.
• The ecological data of the area (climate-microclimate, soil, vegetation, wind).
• The functional purpose to be fulfilled (visual insulation, sound insulation, separation of functions, formation of groups, clusters, etc.).
• Ensuring aesthetic harmony.
• The dimensions of the space and each place separately.
• Their maintenance needs. Durable plants with fast adaptability, which will not have high maintenance requirements, were preferred.

For the planning of your visit (schools, clubs, universities, etc.) you can contact the telephone numbers of the Managing Authority. We are at your disposal for further clarifications and information.

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